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Lov4EU is a part of the EuRegion Project of Maastricht University. Our goal: getting to zero new infections in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine!
We are of course not the only actor working towards this ambitious goal, and hope to collaborate across borders and disciplines to create and implement targeted interventions in this region. We strongly believe that participation of the community is essential to achieve effectiveness. We will therefore include members from the communities at all levels of the project.
Despite prevention efforts and available tools in each of the countries in the Maas-Rhine region individually, new HIV diagnoses are still present and some individuals with HIV present late to care because they are unaware of their infection. Lov4EU believes that this is unnecessary if partners in the border regions of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany work closely together to prevent HIV: together it is possible!

This project was made possible with support of Aidsfonds, Gilead Sciences, ViiV Healthcare and Provincie Limburg (NL).



The Meuse-Rhine Euregion is a Euroregion created in 1976. It comprises of 11.000 km2 and has around 3.9 million inhabitants around the city-corridor of Aachen-Maastricht-Hasselt-Liège. What makes the Euregion unique with regard to the prevention of HIV is that the population living in these area may share similar characteristic with each other than with their national counterparts in terms of LGBT infrastructure, cross-border sexual activity and diversity in socio-economic status.

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